StemoniX & Atomwise join forces "to go from model to molecule to validated drug"

The two companies join forces in a joint venture. Using StemoniX's human microOrgan platform and Atomwise's artificial intelligence technology will allow researchers to develop better processes and speed up research and development.

"The joint venture brings together the complementary technologies of StemoniX and Atomwise, creating an opportunity to go from model to molecule to validated drug in a fraction of the time and cost required with traditional methods. Atomwise is a great partner for a notoriously challenging disease area. Their expertise will enable drug discovery on historically undruggable targets and provide new opportunities for treating rare neurological diseases." said Ping Yeh, StemoniX Co-founder, and CEO.

Abraham Heifets, Ph.D., Co-founder and CEO of Atomwise added that "New technologies and approaches are vital to address the needs of patients. StemoniX has made remarkable progress with their microBrain 3D platform and its application to Rett syndrome. It is a potentially powerful tool to rapidly evaluate compound efficacy and assess their suitability for clinical trials, and we are excited to partner with them."

About Stemonix

StemoniX is speeding up the discovery of new drugs by creating ready-to-use pre-clinical plates containing biologically relevant human microOrgans®.

StemoniX's microOrgan® platforms offer the potential to enhance the safety, consistency, and accuracy of human clinical trials.

About Atomwise

Atomise's AI technology, Atomnet, utilize a statistical approach that extracts the insights from millions of experimental measurements and thousands of protein structures, in order to predict the binding of small molecules to proteins.

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