Who We Are

As a family with a silent angel, we know well the need for news and updates. The need for information. The need for hope. That is the reason we create RettResearch.com. 

RettResearch.com created especially for those who are related to someone who suffers from Rett Syndrome. Parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, family, friends and anyone who wants a cure and a treatment for those who suffer from Rett syndrome. We will do our best to provide you the best-updated information about Rett.

Our goal is to aggregate all the essential and relevant information from across the world. We will present it in an easy way to find and read. We will make sure to keep you updated with every new piece of news, every new research or progress in current research. Also, we will give you information that can help you understand more about Rett syndrome, it's symptoms, treatments, and more.

We believe that every research gets us closers to a medicine that will ease the pain of our angel and the angel that close to you. Of course, we hope that these medicines can eventually give them back some of the skills that Rett syndrome took from them. And maybe, hopefully, also to cure them.

We all hope for a better future. Future with a cure for Rett syndrome..

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